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Smart (Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell) Thermostat Compatibility Guide Dubai UAE Leave a comment

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Nest Gen3 Thermostat general requirements

  • Nest Thermostats are designed to work with 24V AC systems. They require installation of a conversion kit as well as bypassing of AC control board in order for them to work with 220V UAE AC systems
  • Nest Thermostats can be retrofitted to work on single and 3 fan speed modes
  • Single fan speed mode requires the presence of 4 wires to thermostat location
  • Three fan speed mode requires the presence of 6 wires
  • Thermostat locations with 3 wires, requires the installation of an additional wire saver module to add the 4th wire for single fan speed.
  • Less than 6 wires at a thermostat location requires the pulling of a new set of 6 wire panel cables for three fan speed activation
  • New ACs with inverter compressor or DC current fan motor require different installation method. The process involves installation of a brand specific interface that interprets Nest signal back to the AC control board plus pulling of CAT6 cable.
  • Nest E thermostat can only support one fan speed vs 3 fan speed for the Nest Gen3

Non-compatibility: cases where Nest cannot be installed

  • Window type AC units
  • VRV type ACs
  • Where ACs are connected to a BMS or wired smart home system
  • Chilled water systems with modulating actuator motor (1-10v). These require replacement of actuator with on/off model
  • UK and European spec Nest thermostats are designed to work with boilers and water heaters and are not configured to work with AC systems

Specific compatibility guidelines

  • As a general rule, apartments located within towers are typically served by a central chiller, as such would have 6 wires
  • In some newly build apartments with modulating actuator motors, there would a requirement to replace actuator motors with standard on/off models. This can only be established post inspection. Cost of actuators motors varies between AED 350-500 per unit. In very rare cases, valve assembly would also have to be replaced (cost AED 1500 per unit)

District cooling:

  • AC units within areas with district cooling such as the Palm, Jumeirah Islands, JLT, Motor City and Sports City would have thermostats with 6 wires

Villas: (in non district cooling areas)
a) LG:

  • Found in majority of Emaar villas across Springs, Meadows and Arabian Ranches as well as Al Furjan
  • All units have 3 wires to thermostat location
  • Requires installation of an additional module (add 4th wire) for single fan speed
  • Three fan speed requires pulling of 6 wires. Smaller capacity units have single stage fan that requires installation of additional transformer (AED 275)
  • Installation of Nest thermostat on new LG ACs with modulating compressor and DC fan motor is now supported with our upgrade LG Kit.

b) OGeneral:

  • Found in many Emaar villa communities.
  • All units have 3 wires to thermostat
  • Requires installation of an additional wire saver module that provides 4th wire for single fan speed.
  • Three fan speed installation requires pulling of new 6 wire cables
  • New OGeneral ACs with modulating compressor and DC fan motor. Require installation of a bespoke Nest interface/module approx cost (AED 750) per module

c) York & Daikin:

  • Both York and Daikin units would have 4 wires through to thermostat location
  • York prevalent in The Villa project. Daikin is installed in all Arabian Ranches 2 communities

d) Trane:

  • Older units would have 8 wires through to thermostat location
  • Newer units with LCD type thermostat would have 2 wires going to thermostat location
  • Prevalent in Jumeirah Park and other Nakheel communities

e) Carrier:

  • Mexican spec : 4 wires
  • Egyptian spec: 5 wires (found in Damac Hills), requires wire saver for 3 fan speed.
  • Egyptian spec: 4 wires (found in Arabella Mudon), ACs have inverter compressor and DC fan motors. Requires interface module.

f) Midea:

  • Found in Mira Oasis and Maple Villas in Dubai Hills
  • Units on ground floor are standard 5 wire AC current fan motor. Requires wire saver for 3 fan speed operation
  • Units found on first floor are inverter compressor/DC current fan motor. These require pulling of CAT6 cable and installation of interface module or Can manage single fan mode with our KIT.

g) Samsung:

  • Comes in two variants 4 wire AC fan motor (Legends Villas) and 2 wire inverter compressor (Sidra, Dubai Hills)
  • Samsung ACs in Sidra require specific interface (AED 750) pulling of 6 new wire cable and installation of conversion box

h) Rheem : 6 wires found in Mira and 5 wires found in Lantana. ACs in Lantana can only support 2 fan speed as medium and high speeds are looped on AC.

i) American breeze: 6 wires found in some older Emaar villas in Meadows and Lakes as well as Jumeirah Islands

j) Mitsubishi: All Mitsubishi units require pulling of new wires as well as installation of an interface (provided CN90 connector is present on PCB). Found in older villas of non-free hold communities

k) Honeywell: Very rarely installed in villas. Would typically have 6 wires

l) Trane: 8 wires, found in some Jumeirah Park villas. Villas in newer districts would have 2 wire Trane AC in which case new 6 wire cable have to be pulled

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